IObit Unlocker

IObit Unlocker 1.5

Deletes "locked" or "access denied" files and folders
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Removes files, folders, and programs that Windows doesn't allow you to delete because of denied access. Also helps to delete various toolbars, files used by another program, and so on. Offers "forced mode" to unlock an item and remove it in a click. Batch processing is supported.

If you ever tried to delete a file or open it and got a “cannot delete file” or “access is denied” message, that’s probably because that file is being used by other service or application, though no message will tell you which. If after closing all the programs that might be interfering with your file you still can’t delete it, you need IObit Unlocker.

Its functionality couldn’t be simpler and easier to use. It can even integrate on your context menu, so that you can just point to the file in question and unlock it with a right click. Alternatively, you can open the file from inside the program’s interface, where you can load more than one file or folder – if needed – and batch-unlock them all at once. Not a very common thing to happen, but it well might. You are offered various alternatives to add to the unlocking task – thus, you can also tell the program to delete, rename, copy, or move the folder or the file once unlocked.

This small and free utility is one of those useful one-task pieces of software that we may not use on an everyday basis, but that is great to have at hand when the need arises. As seen, the tool itself is extremely simple, and it is precisely that simplicity and its lack of more sophisticated options that might make some users think that it isn’t that worth having. Wrong – it is one of those little software tools that we take for granted and that your expensive and comprehensive system maintenance and optimization software program most probably lacks. Think of it as an umbrella – you don’t use it every day, but you’re always grateful you had one when it starts to pour.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Suitable for both files and entire folders
  • Unlocks and deletes, renames, moves, or copies in one single operation
  • Supports batch unlocking
  • Includes a "Forced mode" for stubborn files


  • Offers an extremely simple functionality with few options
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